Children's Choir Presentation


Come take a visit to the Polar Pet Park, along with a middle school field trip. The penguins at the park don't understand why the school kids don't mention or understand the real meaning of Christmas,
so they decide to help the kids discover the real meaning of Christmas.

Through a fun but meaningful drama and seven songs, this 45-minute Christmas musical will remind you that Christmas is not just another holiday,
but a special day when God sent his one and only Son, Jesus, to be born in a manger in Bethlehem.

Characters include Miss LaToe (a teacher), four middle-school students (two girls and two boys), Paw Paw (the man who manages the Polar Pet Park),
and four penguins: Paco (who wears a sombrero), Pinky (who wears a pink tutu), Puffy (who just loves to eat), and Cody (the "normal" penguin).