Youth conference



11am Arrive church

11-11:45 pack gear, roll call,
11:45 prayer time leave!

11:45-1:45 driving time to Conference Check-in (Check in is at the Sevierville Conference Center/ Wilderness at the Smokies) we will stop there on the way into town
2:30 Group meeting in lobby/ rules/ pass out room cards/ get settled in rooms/beds etc.
3:00 reload bus and drive to dinner
3:00-5:30ish Dinner.
Load bus, worship time starts at 8:00 and doors open before that.
6:30-9:30 Speaker and Concert
9:30 Walmart Snack Run
Head to hotel/ change into jammies/ go to lobby for Church time/ devotional books/ bring your Bible and a pen then in your rooms. Remember there are people beneath your room and maybe above you. Please be respectful
12 Lights OUT





6:30 wake up!
6:30-7:45 Breakfast time and personal devotion time.
8:00 Leave for morning session
8:30-10 Morning session
10:30-4:30 Free time/Lunch
5:00 Arrive for the concert
5:30 Doors open
6:30-9:30 Speaker and Concert
10 Stop at McD's on the way back to the hotel/ church time in lobby

12 lights out





6:00 Wake up!! Gotta pack!!
6:30-7:45 breakfast/ personal devotions (pack EVERYTHING, we aren’t coming back to the hotel)
Pack the busses with your gear
8:00 leave for morning session
8:30-10 morning session
Load up and find a fast food place...probably Chic-fil-A
1:00ish Arrive back home students should call when they get closer and can use my phone if necessary




Be sure to bring all your bathroom supplies!

Bring a sleeping bag in case you end up on the floor.

Bring your favorite pillow

Bring your woobie (if you still have one :-p )

Bring money for lunch, t-shirts, posters, Walmart if you want etc...

BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS! Each room will have a fridge/kitchenette so bring anything you might want to have handy.  We usually make a Walmart run the first night too!


BRING A BIBLE! If you don't have one talk to Todd before hand and he will get one to you, no worries.

Bring some stuff to write with

Bring an attitude of worship and an open heart.

Be willing to let this weekend change your life forever!

For a printable registration form *click here* (just return the last page)

For a direct link to the conference website:  CLICK HERE