Youth Mission Trip 2017
Each year is different here @ Sunnyside!!  Missions can range from serving in Harrison OH (last year), our Nations Capitol, East Kentucky, Savannah, Cleveland...

BUT THIS YEAR we will be staying HERE!  (heh that rhymes)   We will partner with a variety of local organizations to help students and families in need throughout the tri-cities area.

Helping to serve here at home falls in line with our Biblical command to help Jerusalem, Samaria, and the ends of the Earth.  The Tri-Cities is our Jerusalem!

This is in the packet but heres a few reminders...
You NEED a nerf gun (single shot(ish))
You NEED some nice clothes.
You NEED to be willing to step outside your comfort zone.
You NEED to let me know if there are scheduling conflicts so we can work them out now.
You NEED to be willing to let the Holy Spirit work.

 Click Here for the mission packet in PDF format.  I need the medical form (if you dont have one on file already) and the registration form turned in by JUNE 21.

Payment needs to be made before the trip or talk to me about arrangements.

Thanks!  Any questions feel free to contact me.