Youth Mission Trip 2018
Each year is different here @ Sunnyside!!  Missions can range from serving locally, in Harrison OH, our Nations Capitol, East Kentucky, Savannah, Cleveland...

BUT THIS YEAR we will be heading to NASHVILLE!  We will partner with City Church Network and minister to a variety of cultures that make up the melting pot that is the US.

Over the course of the week we will do some

home repair and light construction work

A movie night

and some time to head to Opryland and some other sites in the area.

This trip is going to push the students outside of some of their comfort zones and will introduce them to cultures that may be very foreign to them.  It is our hope that barriers can fall, misconceptions can vanish and a spirit of desire to reach the whole world will begin to grow.

This is in the packet but heres a few reminders...

You NEED some jeans or pants for our first full day.
You NEED to be willing to step outside your comfort zone.
You NEED to be willing to let the Holy Spirit work.

 Click Here for the mission packet in PDF format.  I need the medical form (if you dont have one on file already) and the registration form turned in by JUNE 3.

Payment needs to be made before the trip or talk to me about arrangements.

Thanks!  Any questions feel free to contact me.