Pray For Faith
8-year-old Faith Wilson was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma just before Christmas and has been in Memphis recieving treatment at St. Judes Children's Hospital for a number of weeks.

Sunnyside held a day for love offerings as well as helping a local elementary school sell some Pray for Faith t-shirts.

We were able to raise over $6000 dollars in donations not including the t-shirt sales.  This will be a blessing to the Wilson family as their expenses continue to be made known to them.

We pray that Faith will be able to return to her home here in Kingsport quickly and am very thankful that the Lord allowed one little girl to share her faith with everone she encountered in Memphis.

***UPDATE***  Faith is back in Kingsport and her family is settling back in.  Continue to keep her and her family in your prayers.