Messy Games - Fall Edition

Messy Game Night is a great night of intense messy competition and fun! It's for students 7th-12th grade. Middle school students and high school students will be separated into mixed teams and compete against each other. Prepare to get DIRTY and MESSY. The games will be followed by a short message.  

Team selection begins at 6:30pm, the event ends at 8:00pm (ish)    



Thank you for letting your student play! 

Pick-up: The event will end @ 8:00(ish). Bring a towel, or two, maybe a trashbag for them to sit on…change of clothes…


Phones & Stuff : IT’S BEST TO KEEP STUDENT’S STUFF IN THE CAR, but we do have a “stuff” drop off center for small items such as phones, keys, etc. that the students will be able to retrieve after the event.

Be sure to check our facebook page or the church website for pictures and video!