Sunnyside Baptist Church


We are created to worship God and are called to do all that we do for God's glory (Psalm 150:6, Isaiah 43:7, Colossians 3:17). At Sunnyside we not only believe this truth, but seek to live it out every day. We worship because God is worthy of our praise and adoration, and because it allows our perspective of God's greatness to be refreshed. When we worship we are declaring that He is greater and we are lesser, and it is through this ascription of worth to God that we find our greatest joy (John 3:30). Our worship is not a warm-up for the sermon, but rather practice for Heaven (Revelation 5:9-13, 15:3-4). Our worship doesn't stop when the music stops, but continues on through any action of our heart, mind, and soul that expresses the worth of the triune God. We want our worship on Sundays to be an overflow of our private worship during the week, not the time that we fill our spiritual tank and hope to coast to the next Sunday service.




Worship Ministries Resource Page  
This page is a secure page for our choir members to rehearse upcoming songs online.