Sunnyside Baptist Church

Youth Logo
 1 Timothy 4:12

“Let no one look down on your youthfulness,
but rather in speech, conduct, 
love, faith, and purity, 

show yourself an example of 
those who believe.”

In this context, Paul is writing a letter to 

his young disciple Timothy who is leading in a church.
He is telling him not to be discouraged when people
look down on him because he is young.
This verse is important for adults and youth 
because through the text it tells the youth 
                     to be encouraged and for the adults
                 it tells them not to look down on youth.



Our 4:12 youth ministry includes 7th-12th grade students that desire knowing who Jesus is by digging deep into the Word.  We do this through sermons, discussions, praise band and discipleship. In addition, we have several fellowship events year-round, such as; game nights, movie nights, pool parties, summer camp, a beach retreat, ski trips and more! Through these events, we learn to fellowship with other believers and glorify God in our daIly activities! 


Weekly Lessons

Wednesday's @ 6:30pm


Wednesday nights, we are currently studying Galatian.
We also have a live worship band and a great time!

Hope to see you there!


Band Pic 2                     Ashley Rachel tube                    Paintball 1 

 Paintball group                                      Tristen tube

Fellowship Events/Trips

We get to know each other                
and become united as a youth
group to give more glory to God. 

NYC sub    NYC ladies     Fanny   

NYC group           Morgan Evangelism

Mission Training Retreat!

These are some of the best times we have together.
The students are challenged to read their
bible throughout the week and then encouraged to
talk to one another about what they may have read that morning.
They also work together to learn to share their
testimonies and thus the Gospel