Sunnyside Baptist Church

Our church began with a dream.  

In early 1947 a vision appeared to Rev. Jack Campbell.  He dreamed that a large red ball burst over the Sunnyside Community in what he felt was a sign calling him to start a church.  Under his leadership, others in the Sunnyside Community began to donate their time and talents to begin a new church.  Mr. E. Hooven provided the lot for the new church site.

In the spring of 1947 Rev. Campbell and Grant Greene approached Lewis Chase, the superintendent of Sullivan County Schools, for permission to hold Sunday School meetings in the old Sunnyside School Building.  The first Sunday School meetings began that June.  Services had to be held at 2 p.m. to allow Rev. Campbell time to preach at other churches where he ministered.  Fourteen people met to become the charter members of Sunnyside Baptist Church on September 14, 1947.

Sunnyside Baptist Church is a living testament to the power of Christ.  Throughout its history, Sunnyside has shown that miracles can be accomplished when Christians join together to do God's will.  Because of their tireless efforts, hard work, and generosity of time and tithes, the original charter members of Sunnyside Baptist Church (and later members) have proven that God can accomplish great works in the lives of His people.

Sunnyside's Pastors

Rev. Jack Campbell (1947-1957)
Rev. Milburn Morelock (1958-1960)
Rev. Gary Jennings (1967-1971)
Rev. Richard Ratliff (1972-1988)
Dr. Jack C. Parrott (1989 - 2006)
Dr. Roy D. Graves (2007-2019)